Community Collaborations

Some ecological issues need a team approach. Landscape Services, working together with Ecological Engineering Student Society, tackled an on-campus stormwater system—another one of many collaborations across the campus community.

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Employee Spotlight

tim spencer, employee spotlight

Tim Spencer

Carpenter, 30 years At Oregon State

Tim is the first person to offer help to anyone who needs it. Tim provides excellent customer service. He explains to the customer what needs to be done and what they can expect. His knowledge of various wood species, its ability to be formed and...

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JR Mendoza

Painter , 5 Years at Oregon State

It is with great pleasure to present JR (Rafael) Mendoza for our Facilities Services employee spotlight. JR works hard every day and he is very committed to high quality work and excellent customer service! JR has been a strong mentor to our student...

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Good Morning Landscapers,

The new cherry trees on campus look very sweet right now. It is going to be so much fun watching them grow! Thank you for planting them all.  Every spring I feel so lucky to work on this beautiful campus, and appreciate all of you anew.

Thank you for your hard work and eye for beauty,
Laura Tilley  | School of Arts and Communication