Need a Key?

Contact your department or unit's key authorizer. If you do not know who your key authorizer is, email for assistance.

Requesting a Key for Key Authorizers

Facilities Services has recently implemented an online key request process that replaces the former paper-based method. Key authorizers (the designated departmental/unit person who can authorize a key assignment) can now place a key request by using the Request a Key option located in My Facilities. Once the key is ready, the key recipient will receive an email with directions to the Key Shop and hours of operation.

This new process is a result of Facilities Services seeking to streamline the key process for the entire community. Key authorizers will be able to request new keys online, new keyholders will know exactly when their keys are ready, and Facilities Services will be able to better track who has which key. 


Key Authorizer – Designated departmental or unit person who is authorized to issue keys for their department or unit. Students are not allowed to be Key Authorizers. 

Key Request – Form requesting a key to be issued to a specific person on behalf of the requesting department or unit.

Key Number The identifying number of a specific key cut. Key authorizers can request a list of what keys open what doors in their department or unit by emailing OSU Access, Lock and Key.

Shared Asset – Key assignees are not allowed to share or let others use their keys even temporarily. On occasion there is the need for “departmental keys”. When this occurs, there is an additional form used to convert a key or key set to a shared asset. The key is still required to be assigned to an individual but grants them permission to allow others to use the key. This individual still maintains all responsibility and obligations as they would any other key assigned to them, including managing who has access to the key and keeping it secure when not in use. The Asset Conversion form will be sent to the key assignee and must be signed and returned by the assignee when they pick up the key.

How to become a key authorizer

To be able to use the online key request process, the dean/department head must email OSU Access, Lock and Key to designate up to two key authorizers per department. Once the authorizers are set up in the system they will be notified by email.

If you are already a key authorizer and you no longer have those duties the dean/department head must request an authorization removal through email to  OSU Access, Lock and Key.

Requesting a Key as a Key Authorizer


Note: Does not apply to keys issued by University Housing and Dining

Log into with your ONID account.

Click on either of the links for requesting a key.

Your information will auto-populate in the top section of the New Key Request.

(note: If your email populates to something other than your Oregon State email, you will need to contact your HR or IT support to update your ONID information. You can type the correct email in as well.)

Fill in the information for the Key Assignee. Their email is how we will contact them and is a required field.

In the Building field when you begin typing the building number or building name you will get an auto-populated drop down menu. Select the building you need for the first key in the request.

Use the drop down to select Room/Location:

If you do not know the room number or you are requesting a building, grandmaster set, select Building/General and then provide an additional description of the space or type of set in Location Description.

Indicate whether you know the key number or not and what that key number is (otherwise leave blank)

Finally, indicate whether this key is a shared asset or not.

Click Add a Location if you are requesting more than one key for the same individual and repeat the above process. (You can have different buildings on the same request for a single individual).

You will receive a copy of the request through email. Please retain this email for your records of what access you have requested and for whom.

We will process the order and notify the key assignee when their key is cut and ready for pick up.

If a request is not picked up within two weeks we will email the assignee a reminder and copy the authorizer as well. After 30 days the key is sent back into inventory and the key must be requested again.