tim spencer, employee spotlight
Employee Name: 

Tim Spencer

Years at Oregon State: 
30 years At Oregon State

Tim is the first person to offer help to anyone who needs it. Tim provides excellent customer service. He explains to the customer what needs to be done and what they can expect. His knowledge of various wood species, its ability to be formed and worked, has contributed to the success of so many of his projects. His knowledge of preparation, sanding, finishes and staining is impressive. Tim has a great attention to detail, and this really shows in the quality of his projects. His joinery skills are impressive.  Tim has worked on countless remodel projects over the years. He is well known by various researchers and office staff. From framing to sheetrock, from cabinet building to custom trim work, Tim has done it all. Fine craftsman detail work is his specialty.  He has been a part of so many projects that we have literally lost count of the total.  All of these projects have one thing in common; Tim’s signature, the signature of quality.

Tim performs all the above-mentioned work without bombastic boastfulness, but with merely a strong desire to do a great job. Tim personifies what all good maintenance workers are and have ultimately accepted, a person who toils day in and day out, who are ultimately rewarded by a job well done. Master Builder, Master Boat Builder, Master Cabinet Maker, and a Master of his Own Destiny. Congratulations Tim Spencer for a job well done!