Outages & Announcements

Advance Notice, 2015 Annual Steam Shutdown, June 14 - 18, 2015

In 2015 the shutdown, which will occur June 14-18, will be extended an extra day to accommodate the replacement of a main turbine and three software upgrades.

Restroom Closure: Weniger Hall, Room 407A Effective Date(s): September 24, 2014

Due to a major plumbing leak, Weniger Hall, Womens Restroom, 407A has been temporarily closed. Plumbers are currently tracing the leak, and believe it is connected to the janitors closet, on the 4th floor.

Elevator Shutdown at Hallie Ford Center

Due to a control board failure, the elevator at the Hallie Ford Center is temporarily out of service. Once the new parts arrive to campus, crews will restore services as soon as possible.


Back entry to Batchelor and Covell looking GREAT

I wanted to tell someone NICE JOB on the new carpet and black trim painting in Batcheller and Covell halls. Opening the door at the back of the buildings, coming in from the parking lot, is really quite pleasant these days. Thank you for keeping these OSU gems up to par and attractive.  I saw a number of guys working hard these last few weeks or so and they really did a good job.

 All the best- Go Beavs! - Joan - Precollege Programs