Outages & Announcements

Agricultural & Life Sciences Building – Building supply fan shutdown – 02/15/16 6am-11am

Due to scheduled preventive maintenance in the Agricultural & Life Sciences Building, supply fans will be shut down one at a time for repairs. This will have some effect on air balance in the building and temperature.

Hovland Hall & Gilmore Annex – Electrical Power Shutdown 2/27/16 from 8am-4pm

Due to contractor work to hook up Johnson Hall, the electricity will be shut off to Hovland Hall & Gilmore Annex from 8am -4pm. The impact on the building should be minimal since it is a Saturday.

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Thank you!

I just want to pass along my appreciation for the services provided by Facilities Services.  Unlike the old days with Physical Plant, our requests are handled promptly and courteously, a breath of fresh air.  Please accept our thanks on behalf of the whole department.

Happy New Year!

Arnold P. Appleby Professor Emeritus Dept. of Crop Science