TO:  All Departments

RE:  Key Deposit Policy Change

The goal of Access, Lock and Key is to partner with Departments in maintaining the security of all our buildings and spaces. Historically, a key deposit has been required for an individual to get a key or access card, however, this deposit has not been effective in guaranteeing key/access card returns. It has come to our attention that there individuals who no longer have access authorization, yet have failed to return their keys and access cards.

Effective immediately, Facilities Services Access, Lock and Key (The Key Shop) will discontinue requiring deposits for the issuance of keys. Departments will continue to be responsible for the return of all keys and access cards from their exiting staff members. The returning of these keys and access cards to the key shop is best managed through the use of OSU’s departmental termination checklist.     

Please Note: A list of keys issued to an individual is available upon request to aid the department in this process. For more information, please visit http://oregonstate.edu/facilities/key/.