OSU 26th ST ADA "South Crossing" Traffic Control/Schedule/Staging - March 24 - April 4, 2014

scheduling Brown Contracting to begin work on 26th street ADA "South Crossing" on Monday 3-24-14.  Attached are Traffic control plans, schedule and staging plan for the 26th street "South Crossing".

Key Highlights:

  • 26th St Storm Drain Install - The installation of the storm will require Brown to divert two way traffic to the opposite side (or half) of street they are working in (ie: Both North and South bound lanes will be diverted to the West side of 26th street when Brown is installing storm on East side of 26th street, and visa-versa when Brown is installing the storm on West side of 26th street).  In addition the intersection of 26th St and A avenue will be closed while Brown is installing storm line on East side of 26th street.  The traffic diversions are scheduled to occur on Monday 3-24, Tuesday 3-25, Wednesday  3-26 and Thursday 3-27 (see traffic control plan for both "26th St. Storm Drain East & West Trench Work).  Daily traffic diversions will be  from 7 AM to 7 PM, both 26th street and A avenue would return to normal path of travel at end of each daily work shift.


  • PCC Work on the West/East sides of 26th - Brown is scheduling "daily 26th street bike lane closures on both North and South bound bike lanes" Thursday 3-27, Friday 3-28 Monday 3-31 and Tuesday 4-1 (see traffic control plans "26th St. West and East Curb/Sidewalk work).  Each daily closure of Bike lanes would be from 7 AM to 7 PM, both 26th street and A avenue would return to normal path of travel at the end of each daily shift.


  • 26th St Island Work - Brown is scheduling "daily closure of 26th street center/middle lane" Wednesday 4-2, Thursday 4-3 and Friday 4-4 (see traffic control plan "26th St Island Curb/Sidewalk Work").  Each daily closure of center/middle lane South of A avenue intersection, would be from 7 AM to 7 PM and would returned to normal status at the end of each shift.


  • Stagging Plan for 26th street "South Crossing" attached - Fencing for stagging plan is scheduled to be installed on Friday 3-21-14, in preparation for Brown Contracting beginning work on Monday 3-24-14.  Staging to remain in place until all work is complete, which includes landscaping repairs and striping.

For questions please contact Capital Planning & Development Project Manager Cory Destefano @ 541-230-0888 Cory.Destefano@oregonstate.edu or Anderson Construction Project Superintendent Kirby Hess @ 503-572-2943 khess@andersen-const.com