Why did this policy change?

Access, Lock and Key’s goal is to assist campus departments in maintaining the level of security they deem necessary for their spaces. The requirement of a deposit has not proven to be a significant enough motivator to return all keys assigned and in some instances, creates a false sense of security regarding the number of keys that are outstanding. In benchmarking with other Universities of a similar size across the nation we've found most have moved away from the deposit method and have tightened the communication between departments and the key shop to ensure there is a smooth and effective process in controlling and retrieving keys.

We are focusing on raising the department's timely awareness of when keys have been returned and when they haven't. This allows departments to be truly informed as to the security of their spaces.

Can I return my existing keys to get my deposit back and then have them reissued under the new policy?

No, keys issued under the previous policy may only be returned when the key is no longer required by the original holder.

Doesn’t this create more responsibility for the departments?

No, Departments have always been responsible for insuring the keys they authorized to be issued are returned. This change in policy merely closes a large communication loop that has existed for years in regards to whether keys have been returned or not.

How do we know which keys need to be retrieved?

You may request a list of all keys issued to an individual that have not been returned by emailing the Access, Lock and Key shop at keyshop@oregonstate.edu with that request. It is suggested this list be used as a check off list during the exit process.

How do we know if our space is at risk due to missing keys?

The Key shop will be more than happy to email a list of all key holders for your departmental space upon request. Please email that request with your department number(s) to keyshop@oregonstate.edu.

What happens if someone doesn’t return all of their keys?

The department is obliged to report the keys that are not returned to the Key Shop. In some instances it may be appropriate to involve Public Safety in the retrieval of keys depending on the circumstance. Then the department will need to make a determination as to whether that loss necessitates a rekey of one or more doors to maintain a secured area. If it is decided to rekey, please submit a work order to the Work Coordination Center (facilities@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-2969) as you normally would when requesting a rekey.