Welcome to Facilities Services

"Serving Today, Preserving Our Past, Protecting Our Future"

Posted on January 1, 2014

Facilities Services is committed to providing OSU campus departments and programs with responsive, quality and professional building maintenance in the pursuit of accomplishing the mission of OSU. 

We are a service organization that supports OSU’s mission.  We plan, construct, operate and preserve the campus and provide a safe environment for OSU.  Our top priorities are life safety, to support research, enhance the student experience, recruitment & retention of students and staff & minimize collateral damage.

In support of this objective, we recognize the importance of a strong collaboration & partnerships with departments to meet the needs of a thriving campus.  The Corvallis campus includes over 385 buildings within 500 acres.  As a member and steward of the Oregon State University campus, we request your help in identifying maintenance and facility condition concerns that impact our effectiveness as a campus as quickly as possible.  Whether it is in the building you occupy, or the building you pass by, please assist us in reporting deficiencies so that we may prioritize and address them as time and funding allow.