Below is a list of capital renewal initiatives for which we will receive $39.6 million in state funding in May 2025. The capital renewal projects were prioritized using the following criteria:

  1. Is this project critical for the building to operate and for people to have access?
  2. Will this project contribute to student, faculty and staff success?
  3. Are there other matching funds available for this project?
Building Renewal
  • Richardson Hall Midlife Renewal ($6.5M)
  • Burt Hall Computer Air Conditioning Replacement ($1.9M)
  • Valley Library Building Controls and Heating ($1M)
  • Women's Building Waterproofing ($500,000)
  • CMH2 HILL Alumni Center Roof and Fire Alarm Replacement ($2.6M)
  • Withycomb Hall Renewal ($4.2M)
  • Kelley Engineering Center Chiller Replacement ($8M)
  • Gilkey Hall Roof, Seismic and Elevator ($7M)
  • LaSells Stewart Center Midlife Renewal ($4M) 
  • Underground Infrastructure Work ($1.6M) 
  • Statewide Research Center Improvements ($2.3M)