Just wanted to pass on our appreciation for always being there for us! This past Saturday (when it was crazy hot) out chillers went down briefly – but when our weekend staff called it in, your response was crazy quick. I know it was appreciated by all here at the library.

Thanks again, Zac


Zac T. Laugheed

Building Manager & Reference Assistant

Oregon State University Valley Library

Thank you!

I just want to pass along my appreciation for the services provided by Facilities Services.  Unlike the old days with Physical Plant, our requests are handled promptly and courteously, a breath of fresh air.  Please accept our thanks on behalf of the whole department.

Happy New Year!

Arnold P. Appleby Professor Emeritus Dept. of Crop Science 

Thank You!

I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude and appreciation for the work your department is doing on the entrance of the Women's Building. I have been watching the progress being made on the front entryway, and a few weeks ago I had the great fortune to meet Dave Cross as he was working late into the evening. He has done some amazing work to refinish and preserve this beautiful building, and I just wanted to say thank you to you and Dave, and anyone else who has had a hand in the work. It truly is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the finished product. 

Heidi M. Wegis, PhD School of Biological & Population Health Sciences

Facilities Services – the team that get things done!

Hello Facilities Services!  Facilities Services – the team that get things done!

Great job on getting the branches cut and getting the back of the Alumni Center cleaned up. The lights on the back of the Alumni Center work great – make the back area including parking lot a lot brighter.

Thanks again everyone for getting this done so fast!

Kavinda Arthenayake Director, University Conference Services | Transportation Services | Printing & Mailing | Commencement

Amazing Workers!

EFRAIN CABRERA and JUAN PABLO ROMERO-GONZALEZ did a wonderful job on this work! They should be commended. They were accurate, timely, careful, and did exactly what we had requested and then some! They went above and beyond. Amazing workers!

The people in the OSU electrical shop do great work.

I think we get a lot more for our dollar with them. I hope the staffing of the shop will continue to allow them to keep up with the maintenance and do small construction projects.

An Article Featuring OSU Facilities

Oregon State, Twitter: @OSUFacilities 

OSU’s Facilities Services team does a great job of getting announcements and alerts out as quickly and as widely as possible. In addition to the Twitter feed, there are active Instagram and Facebook feeds, and updates get posted daily to the Facilities Services website, as well.

Article Source: 

Recent Office Construction Cordley Hall

We recently made some configuration changes in our offices over here in Cordley 5090.  I just wanted to send a quick note to say we were really happy with the work John Doll and his crew did.  They were efficient, friendly, professional, and responsive to our plans of what could and couldn’t be achieved.  I love our new layout and believe it will work well for our needs.

You have a good crew despite the tremendous amount you all are responsible for.  Whenever I interact with facilities folks they are always cheerful and helpful.

Please give our thanks to:

John Doll, Jon Warkentin, Mike Phillips, Ted Pawlak, Curt Baker & Tim Spencer.


Cindy K.

Marine Studies and U.S. Science Envoy for the Ocean, U.S. Department of State, Oregon State University Department of Integrative Biology

To all of our busy Beavers at Facilities Services!

To all of our busy Beavers at Facilities Services,

We would like to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful support this past year. Your time and expert craftsmanship has brought us an endless supply of clean water to drink, as well as warm classrooms and offices, just to mention a few of the improvements this past year. All of your hard work has helped to make our work space more pleasant and functional–from the several very large projects, down to the smallest repair.

With warmest thanks and appreciation!

On behalf of the Navy ROTC Armory, its students, staff and officers;

we wish you all a new year filled with the very best that life has to offer.

 Go Beavs!

On behalf of the Memorial Union, I wanted to say thank you!

Dear Facilities Services,

On behalf of the Memorial Union, I wanted to say thank you for the timely information during yesterday’s water outage.  Based on past precedent, the speed of information out to our community was significantly improved over past outage events.  I know part of that communications pace might be due to the affected system and its servicing agency’s communications style.  Nonetheless, the response to the event that you provided was timely and allowed us to do our jobs in support of MU programs and activities much better.  Regards, Sid Cooper Associate Director Memorial Union Building Services

Your students were awesome!

Thanks – I understand that they did a terrific job! – very little wall damage, which I appreciate, having just had the room repaired and repainted!  Your guys were awesome! - Donna S.  - The Valley Library

Excellent job yesterday Facilities!

Excellent job yesterday Facilities!  Thank you for your clear communication during the emergency and after the emergency. Greatly appreciated - Laura Music

Thank you for the coat hooks!

Hi Facilities Services, 

I would like to thank you for the coat hooks in the restrooms.  It is very much appreciated and keeps personal belongings (coats, bags, purses) sanitary. - Diane F - AMBC

You’re a gem!

Dan W,

Thank you for taking care of our restroom, you're a gem! - Donna S - The Valley Library

Kudos from University Marketing

Kevin,  Thank you so much for facilitating the removal of the map files from the basement of Adams Hall.  Please accept our token of appreciation.  
Melody O. - Marketing

I appreciate your diligent work!

I appreciate your diligent work.  It's getting better for sure.  Thank you for all you and your staff do.  - Jim Patton Fire Preventon CFD

You and your staff are quick!

You and your staff are quick! I saw it vandalized yesterday AM, took a picture in the PM, and saw this morning that it is already removed and being repaired!

Nice Work Facilities! Mike M.  MU Building Operations & Programs Manager

Awesome job on the window!

Awesome job on the window....appreciated greatly!  My window has never opened so beautifully! - Jason I & Kathy  W - Kearny

Back entry to Batchelor and Covell looking GREAT

I wanted to tell someone NICE JOB on the new carpet and black trim painting in Batcheller and Covell halls. Opening the door at the back of the buildings, coming in from the parking lot, is really quite pleasant these days. Thank you for keeping these OSU gems up to par and attractive.  I saw a number of guys working hard these last few weeks or so and they really did a good job.

 All the best- Go Beavs! - Joan - Precollege Programs


I wanted to let Bob's supervisor know that in the last couple of weeks I have had two occasions to contact the Key Shop for assistance; once to obtain a key to a mailbox in the basement of the Kerr Administration Building and the second time to deal with a long-standing problem with the Locknetic locks on the doors to the OUS Chancellor’s Office.  Both times Bob was the one who received my request for assistance and both times went above and beyond in helping me to work out a resolution to the problem.  Because of Bob’s help, I have the key I need for the mailbox in the basement, and the Chancellor’s Office has two fully functioning door locks, something we haven’t had for several months.   Bob’s persistence and patience in helping resolve these problems is greatly appreciated and I wanted to share his efforts with his supervisor.  Thank you -  Christy -  Oregon University System Controller’s Division

Thank you 4015B fixed!

Good Morning,

Could you, please, pass my sincere thanks to Craig and his boss  in  refrigeration department for excellent job done diagnosing and fixing refrigeration problem in 4015B.

Likewise, Could you, please, pass my sincere thanks to mark and his boss  electric department for excellent job done diagnosing and fixing lighting problem in 4015B. - Jaga, Eileen, and about  25000 flies - Zoology


We just want to thank Tony and the other guy (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) for the speedy repair job. The noise was driving me nuts. Thanks for your help. Larry - Registrar's Office


Landscapers: The vegetation / garden area at the corner of 14th and Campus Way is really looking good. I love seeing it when I bike to work (Benton Hall). Thank you for creating these beautiful areas on campus, The ferns come back with the prettiest, very tender green color. Laura Tilley - Music

Key Shop - Much Appreciated

We called the Key Shop and Mike came right over. As always, he was very helpful and found a long term solution.  I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate his help. In fact, the Key Shop is always a pleasure to work with. Sincerely, Laura Music Department

Snow Clearing

To all the staff at OSU facilities,

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work in clearing snow today! I was on campus yesterday before we opened and had to slog my way through slush, but when I arrived on campus today, sidewalks were cleared off and stairs clear. (And, of course, thanks for working hard throughout the year as well!) 

I felt much safer walking around today and wanted to let you know your work is appreciated! Thank you! =)

Kathryn W Graduate Teaching Assistant Oregon State University Kidder 314

Animal Facility Manager Acknowledges Facilities Staff

I would like to express my gratitude for the work FS folks perform in support of our LARC Facilities & Animal Populations.  I have been impressed with the determination, skills and timley service they provide regardless of obstacles and weather.  - Robert S Murray MA, LATg


OSU Landscaping plants a tree outside of the Valley Library building

OSU Landscaping

Today, walking down 26th from the Hilton to the Women's Bldg, the walk could not have been more beautiful or interesting. Thank you for a marvelous landscaping job- the thoughtfulness of the plantings and the care taken contribute enormously to the beauty if the campus.

Jocelyn W

Quick Response

Our many thanks to Facility Services and Ben [Harris] for the prompt attention to our rather extensive problem of stained and broken ceiling tiles. We feel that our building has regained more of a professional look, thanks to you.
Arnold P. Appleby, Professor Emeritus - Crop Science, Oregon State University